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Teco L510 frequency inverter


Compact, robust, simple and yet so extended. The L510 has an 32-bit CPU with high performance and dynamic properties. RS485 Modbus is integrated through an RJ45 plug. Available in a power range from 0.2 – 2.2 kW.


Teco E510 frequency inverter

E510-IP66-198x217The allround controller within the 510 series. Available in a power range till 18,5kW and in two enclosure types available: IP20 & IP55, with vector control standard included. Advanced sensorless vector control function offers the most economical motor drive solution for industrial applications and OEM’s.
Due to the build in remchopper is an external brake resistance easy to connect. Standard with PLC functionality.


Teco A510 frequency inverter



The A510 is for complex applications, like applications with o.a. where should be positioned, power range up to 315kW.
positioning  will arranged by optional encoder cards suitable for various types of encoders


Teco F510
frequency inverter

The F510 is an application controller, standard with some programmed applications, like pomps, elevators, compressors, fans and other applications. Power range up to 315kW. Up to 55 kW with integrated netfilter and available in two enclosure types available: IP20 & IP55.


Teco E2 frequency inverter

E2-201-H1F-11The type E2 is made for when there is a need for a simple but complete controller which is directly ready to use.
available in enclosure types IP20 (to be build in an enclosure) but also available in IP65 housing, ready to use in a closed housing with control buttons.
Applications: fans, conveyor belt, lathe, pomps, etc, etc.
Available in a power range from 0,2 up to 2,2 kW

Teco CV frequency inverter

CVThe Teco CV inverter, also called smart drive because off it’s integrated PLC.  Power range 0,4 up to 55 kW, 200 – 480 Vac.