Electric motors

Electric motors come in various shapes and sizes. Important in the industry are the IEC standards, Indumex has an answer for everyone, standardized or outside standard. You will be amazed by our options! Indumex manages a stock of up to 120,000 electric motors so our deliveries can take place mostly directly from stock. Electric motors need? At Indumex you can be sure of always a good solution since Indumex multiple manufacturers represented, some of these manufacturers are: Techtop, Siemens, Marathon, Rotor, Elektrim, Cantoni, Electramo,  RPM, Sisme, S&P, Ziehl Abegg, EBM, EBM papst, Teco, Teco westinghouse, Ecofit, Fischbach, Varvel, Indumex, Indumex electric, RPM motori, Mavib, elektramo, Flender, Soga, Motek, VEM, Dutchi and many other. Below you will find the link to our online store, a webshop electric motors where you direct your price can find back. Select one of the categories and click through.

Apart from our electric motors can be found here also products like: controlers, fans, transmissions, DC motors and accessories.