NUERT pumps

NU.ER.T. is an Italian manufacturer of vane pumps, these pumps are very compact, silent and very reliable.

Since 1988 NU.ER.T. produces a complete range of rotary vane pumps. Special custom pumps are available upon request.

Fields of application: Beverage pumps / Espresso coffee machines / Reverse osmosis systems / Water purification and ultra-purification systems / Water carbonation / Chemical transfer pump / Solar pumps / Cooling circuits for labs / Steam cleaning machines / Cooling circuits for medical lasers / Car wash products.

NU.ER.T. volumetric rotary vane pumps are self-priming, high-performance (pressure up to 18 bar) and with flow rates up from 50 to 1.080 l/hr at 1450 rpm. All models are available with a brass or stainless steel body.

It is also possible to arrange the flow continuously through a frequency inverter. If you need more technical information we request to look on